(Approximately 15% of the Test) Domain: Technical Knowledge.

Level 1 rigging course

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. Learn the #1 most important building block of all art, Drawing. Accidents caused during Lifting Company Procedures and Legislations. . And rigging-related accidents can often be deadly. 2 -2021 Qualifications for Riggers. Course Information.


Task 2: Rigging Hitches.

Rigging and Signalling for Crane Operations Online Learning (11) $179.


Able to assist in rigging and non-standard operations, under supervision of a level 3; Able to undertake a rescue involving descent by him/herself and have knowledge of hauling.

Online Rigging Course Duration.

5 hours. 5 hours. OSHA.


A Certified Rigger Level I can perform simple, repetitive rigging tasks when the load weight, center of gravity, the rigging, and rigging configuration are provided or known.


Basic Rigging and Signalman (OSHA) Two courses in one which covers; introduction, load weights, angles, sling types, sling hitches, rigging hardware, communication and also two exams both practical and final for rigger signal.

. Task 2: Rigging Hitches.

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Basic Rigging Training.



. . Qualified Riggers must pass written and practical examinations (“Certified”). Task 3: Rigging Connections.

This course served those who have sought for that next level of information and technical knowledge once they have completed L1 & L2 programs in rigging training.

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Our rigging courses combine a dynamic multi-media presentation, classroom. When deciding on a rigging class, CICB recommends the Rigging Class C, for it covers the most information, but the CCO Rigger Level I provides the certification. BOOK NOW. . Dirty due to the nature of the job at hand. Course Length: 7 hours including OSHA required testing. Get a Quote. Basic Online Rigging Course: 2. Our online classes for Rigger Level 1, Certified Rigger Level 1, and Certified Signal Person are available in Spanish. " Mark Chisholm on Instagram: "Such a great experience! My first trip to teach a climbing/rigging course along with @cerebellum73 in Varese Italy 2004. . .

Each rigging training course is presented in a completely online format. 8 Hour Course – Theory and Practical; Recertification. Both new and experienced faculty members who are interested in transitioning to online teaching are encouraged to complete these self-paced courses. Taught by an accomplished crane instructor and Rigger Certifier, the Level 1 Rigger Certification Course combines in-class content with practical experience.

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Rigging and signaling lifts.


Once they have completed the Practical Exam they must leave the testing area.


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Course Objectives • Gain understanding of the legal provisions concerning lifting operation. Our rigging courses combine a dynamic multi-media presentation, classroom. . 8 Hour Course – Theory and Practical; Recertification. NETA offers a wide range of Rigging, Lifting & Slinging courses to suit all levels of experience and knowledge such as Basic Rigging Skills and Appointed Person.

This allows for self-paced learning on a course that can be started, paused, and resumed as needed.

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